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Periodically we offer our customers time limited specials on our candle products.

Currently we are offering our Top 10 Special which is a discounted price on our Top 10 selling fragrances for the 2017 year!


Mason Jar Candles in these fragrances for a short time are $8.49, Medium Apothecaries for $11.89, and Large Apothecaries for $15.29.

What are they?


The top 10 most favorite fragrances for 2017 were:

Bakers Secret, Buttered Maple Syrup, Birthday Cake, Powder Puff, Bear Farts, Gardenia, Christmas Tree, Iced Oatmeal Cookies, Cinnamon Bun, and Egyptian Musk.

So, whether these are your current favorite fragrances or if you want to try them out to see why they are other people's most favorite fragrances you can try them at a discounted price!

No special codes are needed for this special. Just find the product and put it in your shopping cart and checkout.


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